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Safety tips as the weather changes

We are all aware of the danger that comes along with driving in bad weather conditions. Especially when you are trying to maneuver an 18 wheeler. We are here to share some insight on how to stay safe out there, as the road conditions decline. Breaking: Obviously it will take a lot longer for a… Read more »

Truckers run on diesel fuel

As we all know, gas prices have sky rocketed in our country. None of us are particularly happy about this when it comes to driving our vehicles in our day to day lives. On top of that it effects our truck drivers who are responsible for getting our deliverables to where they need to be… Read more »

DriverSource Do Good Update!

A couple of weeks ago DriverSource was honored to participate in Operation Good Cheer yet another year. Our team had a wonderful time loading gifts to travel all across the state of Michigan to children in need. Operation Good Cheer is a volunteer Christmas gift-giving program, sponsored and coordinated by Child and Family Charities. Their… Read more »

You can find us in Mediaplanet’s Investing in Women and Girls campaign, out now!

Hear from some of the leaders, trailblazers, and influencers who are paving the way for the next generation of women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields. Influencers like Barbie the Welder share stories of personal fulfilment working in skilled trades, female CEOs chart the path to the executive suite, while scientists such as Mayim Bialik… Read more »

We Love Our Drivers Feedback

  Driver – Doug S. “Thank you so much for the package. I LOVE my hot shot shirt and the other items too. I am very appreciative and LOVE my job.   Driver – James B. “Thank you for my care package.  I appreciated it!”   Driver – Jonah B. “Thank you for the care… Read more »

Our Customer’s Are Happy!

Our Customer’s Are Happy! See what our customers are saying about us….. Medical Supplies – INDIANA (Maureen T.) “DriverSource has been great to work with through the Pandemic and beyond.  I noticed that DS is not charging an additional fee for the bonus payments for our “care” program.  I was very impressed with that.  The… Read more »

The Four Forces Driving Change in Transportation Services

  Today’s consumers have much more demanding expectations regarding their shopping experience than those of previous generations. While our grandparents were willing to wait weeks to receive something (by mail) that they ordered through the Sears catalog, buyers today expect a seamless, fast and free shopping experience. More often than not, today’s packages arrive on… Read more »

Road Trip Planning Tips For the Professional Trucker

Most truck drivers will admit that they have a stressful job. For many, there are the long hours and days on-the-road away from family and friends, constantly fighting the bad weather, and watching out for distracted drivers. If that isn’t enough, there’s the dealing with difficult shipping and receiving personnel as well as unrealistic deadlines.… Read more »

Ways to Handle Jackknife Slides

If you were to ask any truck driver what is the scariest scenario they could ever imagine experiencing, most of them would say losing control of their rig as it slides into a jackknife position. Drivers who have years of experience follow these proven tips to bring their rig out of a slide that might… Read more »