2019  DriverSource ELiTE

North East Region Operations would like to Congratulate the following drivers for their nomination and selection for the 2019  DriverSource ELiTE. Each represents professionalism, and dedication to safety & service. It’s our honor to recognize your outstanding achievements.  Congratulations. January – Michael Rains         February – Don White         March – Leslie… Read more »

December 2019 Driver of the Month

  “Zach Hunter is our December 2019 Driver of the Month.  Zach started with DriverSource in August 2019, and since then, he has been one of our top casual drivers.  He is available to us 2-3 days/week depending on his full time job. The feedback we get from customers has always been positive and some… Read more »

Technology Advances in Truck Tires

While truck manufacturers are steadily introducing technical advances in cabs and trailers, tire makers are using new technologies to improve truck tires. These improvements are bringing increased efficiencies and safety to the trucking industry: Lower Rolling Resistance Means Better Fuel-Efficiency In trucking, especially in the long haul segment, fuel efficiency is more important than ever.… Read more »

Asset Management – The Growth of Trailer Tracking

As technology applications grow in the industry, trucking companies are reaping new benefits related to the asset management data they can capture. While the driver and the cab have long been the focus of asset management, fleet operators are starting to realize the value of more detailed tracking options regarding trailers and their cargo.  Internet-connected… Read more »

The UBERization of the Trucking Industry

In the nearly two decades we’ve been in business, DriverSource has seen many positive changes in the trucking industry. Technological innovations have made trucking cheaper, more productive and faster. Improvements in multimodal transportation, using a combination of air, rail, and road transport, have also had a positive effect on trucking practices. But, none of these… Read more »

Trucking’s Transformation – Are We Entering Its Golden Age?

Over the last fifty years, trucking has seen vast improvements in technology. These improvements reflected the truck manufacturers’ focus on new technologies that brought increasingly superior products to fleets and owners. At DriverSource, we have seen new features introduced that brought advanced powertrains, improved safety systems, and more comfort and convenience in truck cabs. These… Read more »

Peter Chum Retires

“The DriverSource NE Region office would like to acknowledge and congratulate a long time driver of ours that has decided to retire after spending 4 wonderful years representing us.  Mr. Peter Chum’s career with DriverSource started in November 2015 when he accidently came into the wrong office. Once we realized he was a commercial driver,… Read more »

Elite Driver

DriverSource would like to recognize Mr. Anthony Bell on his induction into the ELiTE (Enhanced Logistics & Transportation Excellence). Mr. Bell has distinguished himself with his notable commitment to Safety and Service above all. We congratulate you on a job well done and are grateful and honored to call you part of the DriverSource family

The Forces Transforming the Transport Industry

Anyone working in the logistics, supply chain or transportation industry during the last five years has observed a level of disruption unlike anything experienced during the previous fifty. At DriverSource, we see firsthand the rapid changes taking place in trucking. They are largely driven by new technologies. We welcome the promise they bring in improved… Read more »

Minimizing Delays When Dealing with Law Enforcement

Delays are something truckers seek to avoid whenever possible. The reality is, delays are part of trucking and are sometimes unavoidable. But, how a driver handles the delay can be the secret to minimizing the time involved. Take, for example, delays associated with interaction with law enforcement officers. The encounter could occur while on-the-road or… Read more »