Why Partner with a Minority Provider?

IT’S A GROWING TREND…Companies seeking minority-owned businesses as suppliers.

Whether it’s the small family-run business or well-known corporations like Starbucks and Aetna, there’s a growing understanding that doing business with minority-owned companies makes good business sense.

Why should YOU partner with a Minority Provider?

Think about your own business.

It’s likely that your customer base is also comprised of a large minority group.  And, that diversity is growing each year.

When you can show your customers that you’re doing business with Minority Providers who make the products and services they also buy, they are more likely to provide greater support to YOUR business.

As a woman-owned business, DriverSource proudly qualifies as a Minority Provider. We welcome the opportunity to be your preferred staffing partner for CDL Drivers and other transportation professionals.

For more information, visit – www.wbenc.org

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