Hurricane Safety Tips For Truck Drivers:

1. Prepare for high winds Before the hurricane even hits and the rain starts, there’s most likely going to be lots of strong winds in the area. Strong wind is dangerous for truck drivers because it can pull and sometimes even flip a tractor trailer. Trucks pulling dry vans or reefers are most at risk… Read more »

Emergency Declaration and Transportation Waiver Signed Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence Advisory State Of Emergency Declared In North Carolina and Emergency Declarations Offer Temporary Suspension Of Motor Vehicle Regulations To Ensure Restoration of Utility Services And Transporting Essentials In Our State. Governor Roy Cooper has issued State of Emergency for North Carolina and issued a Transportation Waiver, waiving HOS and Size & Weight requirements… Read more »

Rhode Island Truck-Only Toll Update: Trucking Files Suit

A few weeks ago we updated you on the implementation of Rhode Island’s truck-only tolling program. As stated in that article, American Trucking Association (“ATA”) President and CEO Chris Spear believed the Rhode Island scheme to be unconstitutional and was willing to use whatever means necessary to fight the tolling program. The ATA has begun… Read more »


Officials have reached an agreement to build a new Canadian-financed bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. More than a quarter of the annual trade between Canada and the U.S. – $130 billion – is trucked over the Windsor-Detroit border. It handles more traffic than any other international crossing in North America. Reports indicate the 4… Read more »

Professional Truck Drivers Remind Motorists to Be Safe During Memorial Day Weekend – MarketWatch

Professional Truck Drivers Remind Motorists to Be Safe During Memorial Day Weekend – MarketWatch.

“Move Over, America”

As a Professional Driver, you may be aware of this law, but are your family and friends? Do a quick poll and see just how many are unaware or have not even heard of “Move Over” laws. Officers will pull over drivers who do not change lanes or lower their speed when they pass them doing their… Read more »


This ban is in the same category as the texting. IT IS NO LONGER LEGAL TO USE A HANDHELD CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING A COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE.  This rulemaking will improve safety on our nation’s highways by reducing the prevalence of distracted driving-related crashes, fatalities, and injuries involving drivers of CMVs.  Through the Safety Measurement… Read more »

New Medical Certification Requirements for CDL Holders

Effective January 30, 2012 commercial drivers will now be required to provide proof of DOT medical qualification when renewing your CDL operator’s  license.  Although driver physical qualification requirements are not changing, drivers operating in certain types of commerce will be required to submit a current medical examiner’s certificate to their SDLA to obtain a “certified”… Read more »

FMCSA Sets New Rules To Encourage Truck Drivers To Get Enough Rest

FMCSA Sets New Rules To Encourage Truck Drivers To Get Enough Rest. The Huffington Post   Amanda L. Chan Posted: 1/20/12 11:48 AM ET After holding several public listening sessions, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set several new rules in place to ensure truck drivers get enough rest to safely drive during their shifts. The FMCSA decided to… Read more »