Safety tips as the weather changes

We are all aware of the danger that comes along with driving in bad weather conditions. Especially when you are trying to maneuver an 18 wheeler. We are here to share some insight on how to stay safe out there, as the road conditions decline.

Breaking: Obviously it will take a lot longer for a semi truck to come to a complete stop in any situation

(Always stay at a lower speed while driving in bad weather, & never slam on your breaks when you feel yourself sliding. Pump the break pads and try to stay calm to avoid spinning out.)

Visibility: Inspect windshield wipers to make sure they are working properly.

(Top off windshield wiper fluids, and switch over to de-icing fluid if you are located in a colder area.)

Necessities: Always keep the following items in your truck/vehicle during the winter months.

Windshield scraper

Snow brush


Traffic flares (in case you get stuck)

Small shovel (for digging your car out if it gets stuck)

Water and snacks (in case your trip takes longer than expected)

We want everyone to stay safe out there on the roads as the seasons begin to change and weather conditions worsen. Hope this helps!!

Safe Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers & Fleets

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