Our Customer’s Are Happy!

Our Customer’s Are Happy!

See what our customers are saying about us…..

  • Medical Supplies – INDIANA (Maureen T.) “DriverSource has been great to work with through the Pandemic and beyond.  I noticed that DS is not charging an additional fee for the bonus payments for our “care” program.  I was very impressed with that.  The support through the payroll process is perfect.  It is very open and transparent.  There is a level of trust that you don’t find everywhere.  I can’t speak highly enough of the support DS provides.”


  • Mail Carrier – MICHIGAN (Dave) “Both DriverSource and our drivers are doing great working as a unified team. We have had 9 drivers since January.  Attendance and flexibility were lacking in the drivers that we had, however, the 4 drivers we have now, this no longer is an issue.  DriverSource made sure to swap out the drivers quickly to ensure a good fit for us. The current drivers are team players.”


  • Medical Supplies – ILLINOIS (Michelle G.) ”We have no concerns with DriverSource. Your driver, James B. goes above and beyond.”


  • Paper Packaging Company – WISCONSIN (Ryan N.) “DriverSource has been a great partner during this difficult time. There has not been a lapse in service of any kind. I feel like our small piece of business is valued. We have only had one driver assigned to us in the recent past, George J, and his performance has been stellar. George is always eager to help wherever he can. He works with my drivers when he uses their vehicles, to make sure that they will have enough fuel and DEF to make it through the following day. We have never had a temp driver that is as thorough, and communicates as well as George does.”


  • Metal Processing Company – MICHIGAN (Derek H.) “DriverSource…Yes! LaDon is performing exceptionally well – very happy. Would be great to have more “”off-the-road-drivers”” ready and available at a moment’s glance: but how can I ask that? That’s a selfish want and not really ‘good’ for anyone else.”


  • Manufacturer HVAC vents – MARYLAND (Glenn S.) “DriverSource is concerned about fitting the right driver for the application. There are so many varying applications long haul, regional, local and working for a contractor (building, electrical and HVAC). How each one of those companies operates is different. The dynamics of each company is so important. With all that being said the driver can make a huge difference and DriverSource does a great job in finding the correct driver for the job!”


  • Steel Service Center – MARYLAND (Anonymous Employee) “We are very fortunate to have Driver Source on our side.”


  • Flooring Distribution – VIRGINIA (Sean G.) “DriverSource is Amazing. Come through every time.”


  • Greenhouse & Floral Company – MICHIGAN (Jane R.) “Your drivers are great. It is awesome that we are getting return drivers every year! I actually referred a company to you last fall.”


  • Distribution Center – VIRGINIA (Melody H.) “Your drivers have always done a great service for us. DriverSource provides us with the upmost professional and dependable drivers! We couldn’t be happier with your service!”


  • Frozen Food Delivery – VIRGINIA (Rob. B – Transportation Manager) “I would say that DriverSource has come through in a pinch. There have been a couple of times already in the short time we have been doing business with DS that a last minute call out has been taken care of by a call to DS for a driver.”

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