New Year, New opportunities

Some say New Years is a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean from the previous year and reinvent yourself. With that being said, It is also a time to reflect and correct the missteps or bad habbits from the past. & leave them there. Being your best self isn’t just about seeking… Read more »

Safety tips as the weather changes

We are all aware of the danger that comes along with driving in bad weather conditions. Especially when you are trying to maneuver an 18 wheeler. We are here to share some insight on how to stay safe out there, as the road conditions decline. Breaking: Obviously it will take a lot longer for a… Read more »

Truckers run on diesel fuel

As we all know, gas prices have sky rocketed in our country. None of us are particularly happy about this when it comes to driving our vehicles in our day to day lives. On top of that it effects our truck drivers who are responsible for getting our deliverables to where they need to be… Read more »