New Year, New Opportunities

Some say New Years is a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean from the previous year and reinvent yourself. With that being said, It is also a time to reflect and correct the missteps or bad habbits from the past. & leave them there. Being your best self isn’t just about seeking out things that are beneficial to you, helping others and being selfless is a significant part of becoming whole. Lets make it happen in 2024!!

Here are a few easy tips that can change your persepective in the coming year and ultimately enhance your life:

  • [Sleep Schedule] – So many issues can be traced back to a poor night’s sleep. If you take charge and regulate your bed time, it will enhance how you feel, & increase your productivity throughout the day.
  • [Limit your time on social media] – Comparing yourself to strangers on the internet can lead you down a negative rabbit hole. Go outside, get some fresh air and leave your devices inside.
  • [Drink more WATER] – Obviously staying hydrated is a good thing. Remeber to bring a water bottle with you throughout the day. You cannot survive on coffee alone!
  • [Stretching and Movement] – Standing more, especially after sitting for hours at a time, will help with the blood flow in your body. Stretching is a good way to release some stress as well!
  • [Meet new people] – It is easy to seclude yourself and hide from the world. Step out of your comfort zone because putting yourself out there to meet likeminded individuals as well as people with different outlooks on life can help you gain invaluable knowledge on new perspectives!
  • [Make time for family/friends] – Being on the road can feel lonely. Make sure to hold your loved ones tight. They miss & love you, show them it is reciprocated!
  • [Vitamin D] – It can be difficult to get outside especially if you live in a colder climate. When the weather becomes frigid, sunlight is crucial to regulate your mood throughout the day. Sunlight can help regulate our circadian rhythms, which directly impacts how productive we are as well.

These simple things will have a huge impact on your day to day life. We hope this year is the best one yet! Also if you are a licensed CDL driver get in contact with us and we can help place you in the position that best fits you. Ensuring that you will drive local, and be at home daily!

Happy New Year from the DriverSource family to you!!!