Women Drivers

Tips for Attracting More Women to Trucking Careers

The trucking industry has always struggled in hiring more women to the profession. For the last several years, the ratio of women-to-men drivers has hovered around 6%. Just about every truck company today would say they could use more good drivers. And, the reality is, some of the best drivers are women.

Women Drivers Offer Great Assets

With the trucking industry expected to continue its rapid growth through 2022, good women drivers are needed more than ever. Diversity is good for trucking. Women bring proven attributes that make them great drivers.

It is generally understood that women are less inclined to be risk-takers.  They are more cautious, so they are “statistically safer” drivers. The accidents that do involve women drivers are often less costly for insurance companies.

Women seem to be more detail-oriented. They are more apt to fill out a logbook properly. They often are more willing to accept new challenges at work. They are very proactive in “reading road conditions” related to weather, construction zones, etc., and quick to adjust their driving accordingly.

With all the benefits women can bring to the industry as drivers, the question remains…

What does it take to break the “ol’ boy image” of trucking and be successful in hiring more women as drivers”?

A Unique Perspective from the Women In Trucking Association

With nearly twenty years of experience in recruitment and full-service logistics staffing, DriverSource actively recruits women for our truck driver positions. As a minority-owned (woman) company, we have always recognized the value that female drivers bring to the industry.


An article by the non-profit organization Women In Trucking Association offered insightful tips on how to attract and retain women as professional drivers.


Some of their suggestions include:

  • Create Ads That Appeal to Women

If the pictures on your website and your job postings only show men, that is a problem!  Go back and look at how you are advertising. Let female employees review your ads to see if they resonate to women. Look at your company branding to see if it promotes diversity in every way possible.

  • Be Prepared to Tell Women WHY You Want Them

For each female applicant, have a convincing reason and explanation as to why they are desired. Instead of only focusing on the benefits your company offers, develop a presentation that focuses on some of the qualities of women drivers that make them uniquely attractive to your company and the industry.

  • Explain How Your Company Can Be a Great Fit for Their Needs As a Driver

Answer the questions that a female applicant may be thinking. Questions such as…”Do you offer regional loads instead of long-distance? Do your trucks have the latest technology to make driving less physically demanding? Do you have female trainers? Is safety a priority with your company? Does your terminal have equal access to restrooms and locker facilities? Does your company store stock women’s clothing sizes and feminine products?”

  • Pick The Right Mentors

An important part of training involves matching the new female driver to a mentor that they can relate to. Mentors should be personable, good communicators, and understanding. The mentor should positive, outgoing, and able to relate to the driving experience from a female perspective.

Bill D for DriverSource