DriverSource Short-term staffing – covering your truck drivers’ vacation schedules

calendar marking vacation time

If you’re in the trucking business, you want to provide great benefits for your truck drivers. This includes much needed (and deserved) vacation time. Getting off the road for a week or longer gives drivers much-needed downtime to spend with family and friends.

Driver vacation schedules – coverage can be a challenge!

While providing time off the road for vacations is appreciated and helps retain good drivers, fleet managers know all too well the headaches involved in backfilling those vacation times with other CDL-qualified drivers. Quite simply, many managers are hard-pressed to find enough drivers’ period…let alone find additional temporary drivers that can cover vacations.

So, what do you do?

The answer is simple…

Outsource those staffing headaches to DriverSource. We can provide temporary drivers to cover those vacation times.

DriverSource – offering flexible truck driver solutions for short-term needs 

Our on-call/casual, temporary truck driver program was created specifically for those short-term (or longer) needs such as vacation coverage, sick-time coverage, special assignment or seasonal workloads. We are constantly recruiting safe, professional, and experienced CDL drivers for temporary assignments. It is part of our commitment to always be ready to provide commercial drivers to you whenever you need them.

With DriverSource staffing services, our promise to you is simple…we will match you with the workforce you need for the length of time you need.

DriverSource Staffing vs a “temp” agency – the critical difference

We know there are “temp” agencies around, promising to find and fill short-term driver positions. Many have little, if any, real understanding of our industry. Frankly, their singular focus is on “finding a job for that next driver”.

Compare that to DriverSource, a company that has been recruiting, screening, hiring, and outsourcing professional commercial drivers since 2001. During this time, we have gained an inside understanding of the challenges trucking companies face in staffing drivers.

At DriverSource, we are committed to understanding your needs first, then finding staffing solutions that are perfectly matched to those needs. Now… isn’t that the perfect solution for your vacation staffing needs?

Bill D for DriverSource